In my moving image work, I create worlds that consist of fragments and illuminates what is small and ephemeral—details, thoughts, and emotions that appear and disappear like fireflies at dusk. I´m drawn to the quiet and shadowy corners of the mind, the disregarded little pieces and traces of thought and experience that speak through silence rather than noise. I suture together visual and sonic spaces in which the small and forgotten become visible and amplified in an effort to create a space for attention and empathy.


I create relationships between embodied experiences and their articulations through language. The words on the screen are reflecting on and attempting to capture and “translate” thoughts, emotions, and observations evoked by the environment. I look for the moments of connection when images, words, and sounds meet and align—creating, however briefly, a unity of a voice or experience. I believe in the fleeting nature of these moments and—essentially—I believe in the failure of fixed meanings. I play with the constant tension between the pre-linguistic and ambiguous nature of images and sounds and the gravity of language that defines and creates meaning.


The poetic is also inherently political. I´m looking for ways that I can express identity as an ambiguous, fragmented, fluid and constantly changing experience rather than something stable, defined, and socially and politically constructed. I prefer to embrace the chaos and the fragile nature of our identities - the constant stream of memories, random thoughts, and associations that collide with the perceptual world around us, keeping us in a perpetual state of aimless change and movement. My work is a form of resistance – a way for me to create a space where we can see and be seen.